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The Paideia School

Virtual schooling at Paideia Old

Paideia teachers at every level from half day to high school are teaching their students in innovative ways using technology-enhanced distance learning. From reading aloud to younger elementary students to math lessons for upper elementary and interactive literature, science and math classes in the junior high and high school teachers are interacting with students every day. We believe school should be a place that children “look forward to coming to” and our goal is to make that true in our virtual classrooms as well.

Students in the elementary, junior high and high school follow weekly schedules that provide a richness and depth of learning.

Here are some of the ways teachers are engaging with their students:

Each week day the AM half-day (ages 3-5) class has scheduled meetings that range from using the Zoom video app to interview the “kid of the week,” where class members “interview” their classmate to viewing stories read by their teachers to a video class share time.

In the elementary teachers are using Zoom and YouTube channels to meet with students and provide video instruction. Teachers have also created online class communication pages where students share photos, videos, art and shout outs from home.

Junior high teachers are meeting several times a week with students, engaging in online instruction with class and for individual work.  The goal is to have teachers and students see one another while learning as much as possible.

The Elementary Science and Steam Page offers a range of lessons and activities from coding to building structures and animal habitats.

In the high school teachers are meeting with their classes via video and communicating daily. We are holding an online version of our high school weekly assembly to help maintain a sense of community.