The Paideia School

Steps To Your Tax Credit

Step 1: Complete the application

Complete the forms electronically here.

Step 2: Pre-Approval

In approximately 30 days after Apogee submits your application, you will receive a pre-approval notice from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Note: If you are sending your application prior to January first, it will be submitted after the first of the year. Your pre-approval should arrive 2-6 weeks after submission.

Step 3:

You will have 60 (sixty) days from the date of your pre-approval letter to make your contribution. Either mail a check made payable to Apogee Scholarship Fund to Apogee Scholarship Fund 3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 400, Atlanta, Georgia 30339; or pay by credit card via secure website here. American Express is accepted.

Once your contribution has been processed, Apogee will mail you a tax credit receipt and charitable donation receipt for your tax records.

Thank you!