The Paideia School

Paideia’s New Junior High Building

Drawing of the New Junior High Building

The Paideia School broke ground on the new Junior High School building on February 8, 2022, which will be located at 1368 Ponce De Leon Avenue. 

The new building will provide dedicated space for our junior high students during the years when they make physical, emotional and intellectual leaps in preparation for high school while preserving the important environmental components that Paideia has cultivated over the years to help our junior high students develop, including homebase classes, science, math and language classrooms. 

Team Breaking Ground on New Junior High Building
Team Breaking Ground on New Junior High Building - February 8, 2022

Based on the need for more room for everyone, the decision to acquire the property and move the junior high was made. The current junior high space will be renamed Oakdale Hall and provide expanded and improved spaces for all school use with dedicated and expanded STEAM maker spaces, music, art, math and science that offer Paideia faculty opportunities to develop and continue evolving new programming and opportunities that will benefit our entire campus and curricular offerings.

We estimate that the building will be completed in late spring, and the junior high school will move across Ponce de Leon before the beginning of the 2023-24 school year. The existing junior high building will be repurposed to house elementary and high school STEAM and arts programs. 
Paideia’s capital campaign raised $25.8M, $20M of which was for campus expansion, including playgrounds, the new junior high and the renovation of Oakdale Hall.