The Paideia School

Donating Securities to Paideia School

End of year activities keep everyone busy, but please remember Paideia and send in your year-end pledge payment or annual fund gift. Paideia and your tax advisor will be grateful. If you would like to make your pledge payment or a gift to Paideia with appreciated stock, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Notify Paideia of your intention to make a gift of stock. Call or email Claire Hegarty at or 404-270-2337.

    In order to properly credit your gift, we must be aware of the transfer details. Because DTC information often does not include the owner of the assets, stocks sent without advance notification cannot be matched to the donor(s).
  2. Supply your broker with our broker’s information. SunTrust is the only authorized brokerage account for gifts to Paideia School.

    Truist Investment Services, Inc.
    Client Advisory Center
    Phone: 1-888-516-5247 Option 3

    The Paideia School’s Account Number: AX6-045772 
    Truist DTC Number: 0226
  3. Send a copy of your stock transfer authorization letter or details of the gift (stock name, number of shares, approximate date of transfer) to Claire Hegarty at Paideia School, or have the individual performing the transfer contact Claire directly at

    Tel: 404 270-2337

In accordance with IRS guidelines, the date of the gift will be the date that Paideia School assumes ownership of the shares. For crediting purposes, the value is determined as the average of high and low listings for the stock on that date.

Gifts of appreciated Mutual Fund shares are welcome, but significantly more complicated. Please allow 10 business days to process.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Claire Hegarty in the Development Office at Paideia School at the email address or phone number above.