The Paideia School

Corporate Participant Information

Georgia C-Corporations may redirect up to 75% of their Georgia tax liability to support the financial aid program. Pass-through corporations (partnerships, LLC and S-corps) can contribute up to $25,000. Click here for more information.

The FATC program offers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Therefore, the “cost” for reallocating tax dollars to the program is approximately 1 – 6 % of the total contribution amount. Your company will receive a Federal charitable contribution deduction for the amount of your donation. Your participation can make a significant difference in the lives of eligible students, while maintaining your corporation’s mission of supporting the community.

How to make a corporate contribution:

  1. Determine your company’s total Georgia tax liability. C-corps can contribute up to 75% of their total Georgia tax liability and receive a dollar-for-dollar Georgia tax credit for that amount.
  2. Complete the Apogee Donation/Authorization Form. For more information, contact Cadie Lee at Apogee, 404-419-7127.
  3. Fax or mail form to:
    Apogee Scholarship Fund
    3330 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 400
    Atlanta, Georgia 30339
    Fax: 404-419-7101
  4. After approval by the Georgia Department of Revenue, Apogee will contact your provided contact person to inform them that approval has been obtained and that payment can be made. You have 60 days from the date of approval to submit funds to Apogee.