The Paideia School
Three HS kids

Paideia is sustained by donations from all groups in the school community: parents, alumni parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, as well as friends and foundations. These gifts are tax deductible.

The largest amount every year comes from the Paideia Fund which is led by parents and involves scores of volunteers. The amount each family or individual gives is a personal decision. It is less about how much you give and more about how many of us give. Your contribution, along with those of all donors, enhances a child’s education, now and in the future.  Paideia has thrived because of the generosity of thousands of people over five decades. Our future will continue to depend on that generosity.

Meet Us

Claire Hegarty

Director of Development

Sadie Burbank

Director of Alumni Relations

Kelsey Darden

Director of Annual Giving

Kelly Douglas

Stewardship Manager

Dorothy Love

Gifts and Operations Manager

Liz Nesbit

Annual Fund Director

Malika Whitley

Development Assistant