The Paideia School
Kids between classes

A good school is a gift that enriches our lives forever.

Paideia is no longer the penniless startup that began with a small loan and large promise, but we still weigh every penny because such vigilance remains essential to realizing that ongoing promise. It always amuses (and pleases) me that our liberal, progressive school is sustained by a bedrock conservative approach to money. Our budgets have ended up in the black for 43 years in a row; the campus has expanded and is paid for free and clear; financial aid continues to grow; and relative to peer institutions, the faculty and staff are well paid. Paideia’s strengths are not in its finances, but its finances have enabled us to develop all our other strengths.

The school’s operating budget is sustained by donations from all groups in the school community: parents, former parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, as well as friends and foundations. These gifts are tax deductible. The largest amount every year comes from the Annual Fund which is led by parents and involves scores of volunteers. In past years 80 percent of parents have contributed. The amount each family or individual gives is a personal decision. It is less about how much you give and more about how many of us give. Your contribution, along with those of all donors, enhances a child’s education, now and in the future.

A line in the school song, O’ Mascot of Might goes:

Parents willed it,
Teachers built it,
And we’re still not through.
We call it Paideia…

Paideia has thrived because of a generosity of thousands of people over four decades. Our future will continue to depend on that generosity.

Paul Bianchi, Head of School