The Paideia School

Events and Organizations

Special Events

Throughout the year a variety of events provide opportunities for parents to be a part of the campus community. Current parents find that being a part of the team that makes one of these events happen is a great way to build their own network on campus.

Eat Lunch With Your Child

Parents to join their children for lunch on campus with great options from the grill. Proceeds support financial aid and parents make it all happen, from planning through cooking. Led by the BPO (Black Parents Organization) in late September, all parents are welcome to join the team to help before or after you eat with your own child.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

On Friday, hundreds of grandparents or special friends come to campus for a classroom visit and lunch. Parent volunteers host the visitors assisting in both planning and putting on the event. With jobs ranging from classroom guide to golf cart driver to serving lunch, parents help make this day go smoothly for our visitors. It will be easy to find a role for yourself in this busy day.

Fall Barbecue

Families return to campus on Saturday to enjoy great music and our traditional barbecue chicken. A casual day on campus with all kinds of opportunities for parents to help.

Library Donation Sale

A special book sale on this weekend allows grandparents and parents to browse options to donate an addition to the school library. Come enjoy seeing wonderful new books and maybe pick a book yourself to add to our well loved library collection.

The Great Pumpkin Sale

While on campus, families can pick a pumpkin from a great selection. Sales support financial aid.

Art Visions Fine Art and Craft Sale

Paideia hosts local artists for a sale that raises funds for the visual arts program. The sale kicks off on a Friday in November with a party and gallery opening for parents in the evening and continues through the weekend. Come see the variety of works by talented artists and bring your talents to help hang art, cook delicious food or simply help with checkout.

Paideia Auction

In the spring, hundreds of Paideia parents join forces to put on our largest financial aid fundraiser. Come join us for the party and think about the talents you can offer to help make it happen. Talents needed range from folks to request sponsors and donations, to doing set up and decorations to serving food and drink. There is a role for everyone.

Affinity Groups

Paideia Asia Society (PAS)

Founded in 2021, the mission of the Paideia Asia Society is to promote and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Island identity and culture; elevate the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within the Paideia community; and support The Paideia School to be diverse, safe and inclusive.

Black Parents Organization (BPO)

Founded in 1978, Paideia’s BPO stands as the oldest formally organized Black parent organization at an Atlanta-area independent school. The mission of BPO is to support Black/African American and African Diaspora families at Paideia by building connections and encouraging active engagement and participation in the broader Paideia community. BPO serves to advocate and support on behalf of Black students and their families at Paideia and aims to amplify an awareness of the Black experience at Paideia and in the greater Atlanta area. 

Jewish Family Affinity Group

Paideia's inaugural Jewish family affinity group seeks to cultivate community where Pi families can celebrate and connect through Jewish traditions and identity. The group welcomes anyone who self-identifies as Jewish, has a Jewish partner, is raising a Jewish child, or simply enjoys or wants to learn more about Jewish culture and traditions.

The Latino Parents Group

The Latino Parent Group is composed of Latin American parents and/or children and other members of the Paideia community who are interested in supporting Latino culture and families at Paideia. Our major annual event, the Paideia Latino Heritage Celebration, includes a Day of the Dead altar competition, food, dancing, and live music. Our lively, informal family gatherings typically take place twice a year.

Rainbow Pi

Rainbow Pi is a community of parents, allies, faculty, and staff members across the Paideia School campus who celebrate the school's diversity.  The group provides both social and emotional support for students, families, and staff on campus and we strive to work on fostering both understanding and acceptance of  LGBTQAI+  people within the larger Paideia community. Anyone affiliated with Paideia is welcomed, respected, valued, and affirmed into Rainbow Pi regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


Parent organizations support the campus in many ways. Below is a brief description of some. To get involved, be sure to fill our your “Interest Survey” in the Parent Sign up Center of our website. You will get emails to let you know of options for getting involved during the school year.

Art Partners

Art Partners supports the visual arts department with activities throughout the year ranging from hands-on time assisting in elementary classrooms to helping hang a gallery show.

Friends of the Performing Arts (FOPA)

FOPA provides support to Paideia's music and drama faculty and programs. FOPA members host a reception after each concert, help create the playbill for concerts and help students order their concert attire each year.

Green Team

The Paideia Green Team has been connecting our campus and community to the natural world since 1998 by focusing on improving our environmental practices. The Green Team also hosts a campus-wide clean-up, the Zero Waste Thanksgiving Feast, the Re-Use a Shoe program, and an Elementary Earth Day Celebration.

Python Booster Club

The Python Booster Club is the all-sports membership organization supporting Paideia athletics, student athletes, and our athletic venues. Membership in the Python Booster Club is open to anyone with an interest in Paideia athletics. Even if your child is too young to participate on a team, your membership now strengthens the program that will eventually support his/her involvement. Furthermore, as a member, you’ll receive discounts on season tickets to school athletic events.

Urban Gardening

The Urban Gardening group helps maintain our three off-campus farmlets by participating in seasonal planting and harvesting at our organic gardens.

Ongoing Volunteer needs

  • Pi Bites
  • PiCare
  • PiWear
  • Development Office
  • Archives
  • Bakers for Coffee with Paul
  • Paideia Cooks
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Office Busters
  • Paideia Elementary Service Committee (PESC)
  • Paideia Quilters

Classroom Help

On any typical day you are likely to find parents around campus helping out in various ways. Every class is different and teachers choose to ask for parents’ assistance in different ways.

For younger students, parents might help out by playing math games, listening to early readers or simply having lunch with the kids while the teachers are meeting to compare notes with other teachers. Older kids tend to have less need for “in class” time but teachers still appreciate drivers for field trips, shoppers to fill occasional special needs help with the annual auction fundraising project.

Paidiea has traditions that you will find at almost every age. A faculty/staff favorite are “Teacher appreciation” breakfasts or lunches hosted by parents. So find your favorite recipe for an egg casserole or, even better, learn to cook large quantities of bacon in the oven..

Also common are the Wednesday lunch “Pizza Sale” fundraisers. Students never seem to lose their enthusiasm for pizza and many classes, teams and clubs use Tuesday lunch to raise a little money. Parents are recruited to help by setting up, selling pizza or just counting money when it is over. You can expect to get emails asking for many pizza sales.