A Better Chance Applicants

Paideia partners as a member school with A Better Chance, a school-referral service noted for its success in identifying, recruiting, and developing the leadership ability of students of color. We encourage applicants from A Better Chance to learn about our school by exploring this website and attending our admissions meetings and visiting programs, which begin in October.

At this point, we encourage students to create an account with Ravenna, our admissions software provider, and sign up for a tour or visit. Please register promptly, because these appointments often fill up.

If you decide to apply to Paideia as an A Better Chance referral, choose the A Better Chance Application Type in Ravenna. This is an abbreviated application; A Better Chance will share all the materials they have collected with us to complete applicant files. There is no application fee for applicants referred to us by A Better Chance.

If you have questions about applying to Paideia School through the A Better Chance program, please e-mail admissions@paideiaschool.org or call 404/270-2312.