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Symphony Hall

Keepsake video
Dewitt Smith Video has been covering The Paideia School's graduation since 1991. Current year graduations and past years are available.
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2024 Paideia Senior Dinner and Graduation.

Graduation Rehearsal Information

Rehearsal Day • Friday, May 17 • 8:30 a.m.

Please be on time. We cannot start until everyone is there.

Carpooling is recommended as the parking is not cheap, especially in the deck at the Woodruff arts center. If you choose to park on the street, please be sure to follow all parking rules.


Senior Dinner/Graduation Acts • Senior Dinner Speech • Graduation Day Vignettes

Senior Dinner Speech

There will be a few speeches given at the Senior Dinner. Besides the Head of School, one parent, one faculty member, and one senior will speak. If you would like to be considered, submit a complete draft. We will help polish and refine speeches until they are stage ready. Submitted speeches should be about 10 minutes in length.

There are a wide range of possible directions one can go with a speech. Avoiding issues of world peace and the challenges facing us in the 21st century would be a good start. Some of the prompts suggested for vignettes could be directions for a speech. Variations on college essays have been compelling. Humor is good but the whole thing need not be funny.

Graduation Day Vignettes

The vignettes are short talks given by various members of the senior class. They are interspersed throughout the graduation ceremony.  If you are interested in creating a vignette, a list of prompts is attached to help get you started, but you do not have to choose from this list. Vignettes can be from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length.

Note: It is possible for a few of the vignettes to be written by one person and read by others, or a couple of students could do a vignette together - we are open!

Your Name and T-Shirt Size


It is imperative that we get your name correct in the program and on your diploma. The name we announce can be different. Please confer with your caregivers about your preferred name(s) and correct spelling. When you have reached consensus (with your caregivers) please complete this form. We cannot get this right without your cooperation.

Committee Members

Graduation Committee Members

 Caroline Dreibe, Donna Ellwood, John Iannini, Miranda Knowles, Ronnie McKnight, Scott Morris, Beth Schild, Stacey Winston, Katie Woolf

Student Coordinating Committee (SCC)

Evie Babcock, Dasha Borodovskaya, Catherine Dwyer, Lily Gao, Brodie Gross, Nat Hamrick, Maryam Muhammad, Maia Pope, Owen Vaccaro, Jo Wallack