Independent Pre-K to 12 School in Atlanta

The Paideia School


Technology plays an integral role in Paideia’s learning environment. From the admissions office to the classroom, digital media and communication permeate every area of our school. Our media centers, computer labs, and classrooms make use of various devices and platforms, including tablets and laptops, desktops, interactive projection and more. We are committed to a thoughtful integration of technology in the curriculum at all grade levels so that students develop digital media, design, processing and coding skills in a variety of subject areas and environments.

Students’ first experience with technology in the early elementary years may be in the form of computer games or apps that teach word recognition or reinforce reading and math skills. Later, they use the computer lab for keyboarding and beginning level programming, and they learn important online research skills both in the library and in their classes. Additionally, they use i-Pads and technology in the classroom in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, creating i-Movies, book trailers, keynote presentations, shared documents on Google Docs, and brochures, contributing to Wikis or blogs, doing online research, and using a variety of subject specific apps.

Attentive kids

Making multi-media projects during junior high provides opportunities for students to demonstrate foreign language proficiency or inform their peers of social issues they may be studying in class. They will use shared Google Docs, blogs, e-readers and other digital communication tools to engage in meaningful discussions about literature. Students also use technology for visual demonstrations of math and science concepts.

At the high school level, students use simulation programs in science, modeling software in math classes, and interactive electronic textbooks in select courses. High school students may also choose from a variety of elective opportunities or independent studies in programming, web design, Photoshop, robotics, intern with the technology department as an assistant and more.

These are just a few of the ways in Paideia students may use technology. Our teachers are very creative and at any time there are inventive and inspired projects going on all over campus.

We understand technology as a powerful tool of learning and instruction, and that today's students must be educated in the appropriate and efficient use of it. We strive to teach our students to be responsible digital citizens and to be creators, not just consumers, of digital content.