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Paul at the feast

Paideia is a word from the ancient Greek meaning the coming together by a community to raise and educate its young. There must be an old Greek word to convey the notion of a community coming together to feed itself. For over four decades this school in Druid Hills has done both. Our priority has been to nourish the minds and spirits of children, but it takes sustenance and a strong community to do this work. That’s where food comes in. Several community events and celebrations are also culinary highlights of the school year: the Thanksgiving Feast, held before holiday break, is a school-wide buffet style meal where students and faculty (often joined by alums) come together to break bread and turkey (cooked by parents); the Fall Barbecue featuring barbecue chicken prepared by parents according to an original recipe by a Paideia parent; and the auction where parents can bid on elegant specialty meals prepared other parents. The overarching theme here— parents who enjoy cooking—has produced a successful school cookbook, American Pi as well as a community blog, Paideia Cooks. Enjoy.

—Paul Bianchi

Kids cooking