Independent Pre-K to 12 School in Atlanta

The Paideia School

What is the Annual BBQ?

Families return to campus on Saturday to enjoy great music and our traditional barbecue chicken. This casual day on campus with all kinds of opportunities for parents to help is the day after Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day and is a wonderful opportunity for the community to enjoy a social evening together.



  • Adults $15
  • Kids under 10 - $10
  • Kids under 2 - free


5-7 pm

  • Kid’s activities

5-7:30 pm

  • BBQ picnic
  • Dancing & music on the green
  • B.Y.O. blanket!

To do

Dancing • live music • photo booth • cake walk • bingo • sand art • face painting • chess

To buy

Pi wear • pumpkin sale • library book sale

To eat

Chicken cluckers’ chicken • vegetarian beans • hot dogs • green salad • mac & cheese • fruit & veggies • cookies • beer & wine • lemonade

How do I participate?

Visit the Parent Sign-up Center to volunteer for short shifts throughout the day and evening.