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Senior parents and kids

The Booster Club is the all-school membership organization that supports Paideia athletics, our athletes and their fans. Membership in the Booster Club is open to anyone interested in Paideia athletics, and all families are encouraged to join. Even if your child is too young to play school sports, or chooses not to play a school sport, consider becoming a member. The Booster Club helps generate enthusiasm for Paideia sports at all levels, and thereby helps the school as a whole.

Money raised by the Booster Club helps:

  1. Support Paideia athletes – the Booster Club provides funds for all Paideia sports and facilities. Funds purchase senior day gifts, roster boards, score boards, team seating, ice machines, weight room equipment, coaching apparel and the like. If a team has a need that is not covered under the school budget, a coach can request funds from the Booster Club to address that need. Membership funds allowed the Booster Club to purchase new training tables for Paideia’s athletic trainer, used not only by Paideia athletes, but also by Paideia faculty and students with aches and pains.
  2. Enhance the fan experience – membership funds allow all Paideia students to attend regular season home games for free, which has increased the fan base across all sports. Funds are being used to add a TV screen for the gym lobby, so fans can watch games while enjoying food from the concessions stand.

This year, we are offering two levels of membership:

Blue Membership: $100.00. Membership entitles your family to two season tickets to all home regular season basketball games and a Paideia magnet for your car.

Platinum Membership: 250.00. Membership entitles your family to two season tickets to all home regular season basketball games, a Paideia magnet for your car, PLUS a special gift from the Booster Club. Previous gifts included a Yeti 30oz. Rambler, a stadium chair and a Paideia stadium blanket.

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