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Esports takes video gaming to another level with organized competitive gameplay between two teams, governed by its own strict set of rules and guidelines. The difference is comparable to a pick-up basketball game at a park versus a varsity high school basketball game. Esports requires teamwork, communication, critical and strategic thinking, creativity, sportsmanship, and leadership — much like traditional sports.

Splatoon 3 is a third-person action multiplayer from Nintendo, where you compete as a species of fashionable teens who can turn into ink-surfing squids. This is a family-friendly alternative to action games, like Call of Duty, that still offers very skilled and action-packed matches.  Inklings battle as a team of four in a variety of game modes. Even though it’s ink and full of wacky-looking weapons, these modes still take mechanical skills and insane strategy, making them entertaining for high-level competitive play.

Stream our battles live on the Esports Youtube page!

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Team Roster

  • Finn Anderson
  • Elizabeth Baxter
  • Emily Ortiz
  • Isha Parashar
  • Sasha Smith
  • Gabe Tobin

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