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I recently participated in an activity where we were asked to build a hypothetical house out of our education experiences. I realized that Paideia truly built the foundation of my house. While I only attended Paideia for high school, that does not diminish my Paideia experience.

Whenever people learn I attended Paideia, they always want to know how we’re able to learn so much and succeed beyond Paideia when we’re given so much freedom as students. They know that there is something special and unique about a Paideia education. Sometimes I joke that I was a “wall person,” but then I am reminded that that freedom allowed me to take three languages during high school thanks to short term classes, participate in musicals, teach elementary science, and academically explore Harry Potter when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was first released – yes, I am that many years old! I cherish these experiences and have used them in every level of the house I have built with my education over the years.

Don’t you think that all kids should have the opportunity to attend Paideia and to build a foundation of their own? Here’s where I need your support – we must sustain Paideia for current and future students. Your gift to the Alumni Fund goes directly to financial aid, giving more students access to the incredible education we each received.

Words from Whitney Brown ‘03, 2022 Alumni Fund Chair


The 2021-22 Alumni Fund ends on June 30, 2022.  You can learn more about various ways to give by visiting the Support Paideia page.  Questions about the 2021-22 Alumni Fund?  Please contact Sadie Burbank at or call (404) 270-2394.



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Did you know you could support financial aid students at Paideia through Georgia state taxes? The state of Georgia has available funds for individuals, married couples and corporations to apply for the financial aid tax credit program, FACT. Once approved by the Department of Revenue, this tax credit program provides funds specifically to financial aid students at our school through the Apogee Program. Since inception 2009, Apogee has awarded over $6M to our students.

Sign-up online here and share this with your fellow alums as any resident of Georgia paying state taxes is eligible to apply!

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1509 Minutes of Giving, May 10

An effort to bring in as many gifts to the Alumni Fund as possible in just over 24 hours! Let’s strengthen Paideia’s mission in making education accessible to all and commit to the certainty that Paideians can make a difference. Shoutout to Todd Harris '97 for designing our incredible logo!

Reunion Cup

The “Reunion Cup” will be awarded to the alumni class (with a reunion this year) that has the highest percentage of giving to the Alumni Fund by 5pm on Friday, April 22nd. The winning class will be announced that evening at the Alumni BBQ on campus and that class will not only get to bring the cup to their reunion party, but will also be awarded a $100 Visa gift card. Make your donation today and encourage your classmates to do the same!