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Alumni Advisory Council 2023-24

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) exists to serve and engage our alumni community by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between Paideia and its alumni that reaches far beyond the student experience. The Council will provide opportunities for alumni to remain connected to the school and to one another. We shall serve our community by engaging our alumni in order to strengthen volunteer opportunities, network professionally and support fundraising initiatives for the school all while perpetuating a passion for lifelong involvement with Paideia.


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The Black Alumni Organization

The Black Alumni Organization promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the holistic Paideia experience by cultivating relationships between alumni and students for mentorship and professional development while at Paideia and beyond, and ensuring the demographics of the faculty accurately represent the surrounding environment.  We uphold the school’s core values of egalitarianism, social responsibility, and empathy by creating space for ongoing conversation about the ways in which our different backgrounds make our community stronger.

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The LGBTQIA+ Alumni Organization 

The mission of the LGBTQIA+ Alumni Organization is to create an inclusive and safe space where students, staff, faculty and alumni can gather, network, feel respected and valued, and educate themselves and their community regarding issues surrounding sexuality and gender. Our initial aims are to foster connectivity among alumni and provide pipeline support and mentorship for alumni and students who identify as LGBTQIA.

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