The Paideia School

Michael Honablue '96, 4x Emmy Award-Winning Producer

First off, tell us a little bit about your background. What all have you been doing since you graduated Paideia, and where are you now?

Picture of Michael Honablue, class of 1996, holding four Emmy awards

After graduating from Paideia in 1996, I went to college at Xavier University in New Orleans with an undecided major. While I was in New Orleans I began to explore my creative abilities and decided to major in Architecture because I am a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. However, Xavier did not have an architecture school so I transferred to Tuskegee Architecture school for two years and then went to Parsons in Paris for intensive studies in design. I finally finished my architecture education at PRATT in New York and graduated in 2001. 

Following my graduation, I married and became a father two children, Yori and Avery, then started a company in NY that was focused on entertainment and design. My first big deal was with MTV and this paved the way for my journey into TV. My second breakthrough was when I produced a kids show for PLUM TV and was asked to be the Senior Producer of their new channel in Miami Beach. While at PLUM TV in Miami I won three Emmys for documentaries and was given the key to the city. After leaving PLUM TV I started my own production company and worked with Fortune 500 companies on social media campaigns. Most recently I won an Emmy for my documentary on a homeless women and children’s shelter in historic Overtown Miami. After I received my 4th Emmy in 2019, my friend who happens to be a German Prince had his father Knight me for my contributions to art and entertainment. Documentaries have become my thing and now I am taking my creativity into the tech space with the Tel Aviv company TechnoArt.

With regards to TechnoArt, tell us about your mission?

I met the founder of TechnoArt at my Art Studio Pop Up in the Miami Design District and three weeks later they brought me on to the team. At TechnoArt we focus on transforming the way technology, business and industry work together. Housing the most innovative startups in the space and providing tools, services and access to the TechnoArt community and network. Currently I am working on the first TechnoArt Live event in Miami which will be in partnership with III Points music festival. TechnoArt LIVE brings together global entertainment rock stars, emerging startups, artists, industry leaders, executives and investors.

Is there anything the Paideia alumni community can do to support you?

The Paideia community supports me every day in spirit. I think it is vital to share stories of alumni in-order to help Paideia students navigate life. Supporting me on social media and following my projects is always a good way for the Paideia community to follow my progress @michaelhonablue.

Any favorite teacher(s) you want to give a thank you or shout out to? 

I have been touched by every teacher that taught me at Paideia. Paideia teachers are academic rock stars and it was an honor to have created long lasting relationships with them. I would have to say my favorite teacher was Ginger Birdsey. Ginger was an amazing art teacher and I can honestly say her positive energy teaching style has stayed with me every day.

If you could go back in time and give the high-school version of yourself advice, what would it be? 

If I could give the high-school version of myself advice, it would be to choose your friends wisely. I can honestly say that life is all about relationships and you cannot waist time with people that discourage you from being who you want to be. At the end of the day all you have is your family and friends so build strong relationships that are beneficial to living a healthy and productive life.