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Tuition and Financial Aid

2018-19 Tuition Information

Newly admitted students pay tuition in three installments. One-third of the annual tuition total is due by the reply date, Thursday, April 11, 2019 (or Friday, Feb. 8, 2019 for early half-day applicants). This includes a $2,000 non-refundable administrative fee. The balance of the tuition is paid in two installments: one due on June 1, and the other due on November 1. Students currently enrolled at Paideia pay tuition in installments due on March 1, June 1, and November 1.

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives financial aid at Paideia?

One of the objectives of the financial aid program is to help increase socioeconomic diversity at Paideia. Consequently, all financial aid is based on need and is awarded to students who would not have an opportunity to attend Paideia without assistance. Unfortunately, Paideia does not have sufficient funds to provide financial aid to all eligible families who apply.

For 2018-2019 we provided more than $3 million in financial aid to 84 high school students, 30 junior high students, and 42 elementary students. Financial aid awards are heavily weighted towards students in the high school, junior high school, and upper elementary school. Children in the half-day program are not eligible for financial aid, and there is very limited aid available for students in grades K-4.


Where do the funds that are earmarked for financial aid come from?

Our financial aid program is internally funded from such sources as tuition, charitable giving through the Annual Fund and the Endowment, Georgia’s Financial Aid Tax Credit program, and fundraising events like the auction, BPO sponsored Eat Lunch with your Child Day and the Slither. Given our commitment to maintaining a family’s financial aid award from year to year, the majority of the money for new awards becomes available when enrolled financial aid students graduate.

How do I apply for financial aid?

If you are applying for admission to Paideia this year, you will first need to create a Ravenna account and complete and submit an admissions application before you can apply for financial aid. Next, please read carefully the step-by-step instructions we have posted to our Ravenna hub and give yourself ample time to complete and submit all required documents, including our Financial Aid Summary Application.

For families with students currently enrolled at Paideia, we use the Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST ) assessment service, instead of SSS. If you are considering submitting an application for financial aid, please read the step-by-step instructions we have posted here and give yourself ample time to complete and submit all required documents.

Contact Nancy Isom, director of business and finance (, with any financial aid questions.

How will you assess my family’s financial information?

For families new to Paideia, we use the National Association of Independent Schools’ School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to process applicants’ financial information according to a standard set of procedures. To the best extent possible this methodology assesses the financial resources individual families have available to contribute to tuition. According to SSS, its process “promotes objectivity and consistency in financial aid procedures among schools, and is based on the premise that parents should finance their child’s education to the extent they are able.” SSS does not provide the financial aid funds, Paideia School does.

For families with students currently enrolled at Paideia, we use the Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST ) assessment service, instead of SSS.

What information do SSS and FAST use to determine an estimated family contribution?

SSS and FAST take into account many factors, including:

  • Income (both taxable and nontaxable) and expenses
  • Assets (home equity, other real estate, savings, investments, etc.) and indebtedness
  • Age of parent(s)
  • Family size
  • Number of children attending tuition-charging schools

SSS and FAST consider these and other factors when determining a family’s discretionary income. A portion of this discretionary income is then suggested as the family’s contribution to education: the more discretionary income available, the higher the stipulated contribution.

Who decides how the financial aid is awarded?

Our Financial Aid Review Board makes these decisions. The Review Board consists of five or six members of the Paideia community. The information they receive is held in strictest confidence, and there is no discussion about anyone’s situation beyond this small group.

How does the Financial Aid Review Board make its decisions?

The Review Board uses the SSS calculation as a guideline in determining awards. However, Paideia generally expects a family to pay more than the SSS calculation suggests. This is because we are trying to spread our limited funds among as many eligible families as possible. We also believe that a high percentage of a family’s discretionary income should be used for educating their children. For these reasons it is crucial that we have an accurate and detailed picture of every applicant’s financial circumstances. If information is incomplete or inconsistent, the Review Board may not be able to give the application full consideration.

What additional factors does the Financial Aid Review Board weigh when determining awards?

To get a complete picture of a family’s financial situation, the Review Board must receive accurate information from all the adults residing in the applicant’s home. The Review Board also considers lifestyle choices. A family who chooses to have a stay-at-home parent and to invest in expensive vacations, a second home, boat, or luxury car, and therefore appears to have limited funds will not receive the same consideration as parents who work at full capacity, live frugally, and still have limited funds available to cover tuition costs.

How do I determine whether my family should apply for financial aid?

We welcome financial aid applications from families who, after giving careful consideration to all the resources that are available to them, feel they cannot afford our full tuition. If you are uncertain if it is appropriate for your family to apply for financial aid, please contact Nancy Isom, our business manager, at

Will applying for financial aid affect my child’s chances of admission to Paideia?

The admissions committee makes its initial decisions without regard to financial need. However, because our school does not have unlimited resources, we may be forced on occasion to make difficult decisions about the number of financial aid applicants we can accept within the limits of our budget. All of our financial aid awards are allocated when we make our admissions decisions. Additional funds are rarely available after these decisions have been made.

If my child is referred by the A Better Chance program, will we automatically receive financial aid?

Our financial aid program is based on financial need. Some A Better Chance students do not qualify for financial aid.

How much can we expect to pay?

All parents are expected to contribute according to their means, taking into account total income, assets, number of dependents, and other appropriate information. For the 2018-2019 school year, financial aid awards range from 20 percent to 99 percent of tuition. Every family receiving aid is asked to pay some portion of the tuition.

Does financial aid cover anything besides tuition?

Financial aid students receive the same percentage assistance as their tuition award for such things as high school textbooks, aftercare, class trips, and other required school activities. Please refer to our Additional Expenses chart for more details.

Will financial aid continue each year?

It is the policy of the Financial Aid Review Board to continue providing assistance as long as a family’s financial situation remains relatively unchanged. Recipients must re-apply every year.

What happens if our situation changes after the financial aid award is made?

When financial circumstances change significantly, it is the family's obligation to make that known to the Financial Aid Review Board through our director of business and finance
Nancy Isom (

When will we hear from the Financial Aid Review Board?

Award decisions are mailed out the first week in April. Financial aid tuition payments are made in 10 monthly installments from April to January.

Are loans available?

If you would like to explore alternative payment options, we can suggest Your Tuition Solution (, which offers low fixed-rate education loans to qualifying parents. For more information about our tuition policies, please contact our director of business and finance Nancy Isom (

Request Information

If you have any questions about Paideia's financial aid program, feel free to contact Nancy Isom in our business office at

Mailing address:
Nancy Isom
Business manager
The Paideia School
1509 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307

Additional Expenses


Included in tuition Required Optional
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Class trips (vary by class, third grade and up*)
  • Music:
    • fifth and sixth grade informal concert attire*
    • fifth and sixth grade instrument rental/purchase

  • PE: gym shoes (vary by class)

  • Pi-Bites (lunch program)
  • Yearbook

Junior High


Required Optional
  • Books
  • Yearbook
  • Seventh grade science trip
  • Sports team uniforms
  • Class field trips (vary by class*)
  • Music:
    • concert attire (new or used)*
    • band/orchestra instrument rental/purchase
  • Pi-Bites (lunch program)
  • Junior high musical: costume, script, other expenses*

High School


Required Optional
  • Yearbooks
  • Class Trips
  • Sports team uniforms
  • Graduation fees
  • Books: new or used ($400-600)*
  • Math: iPad app*

  • Required for participating students:
    • AP: exam fee*
    • Music:
      • concert attire (new or used)*
      • biennial trip*
      • band/orchestra instrument rental/purchase
    • High school musical: costume, script, other expenses*
    • Athletics: additional uniform accessories, trips (vary according to sport)*

  • Pi-Bites (lunch program)
  • Bash (prom) tickets*
  • Other social events (plays, dances, annual BBQ, etc)**

* Financial aid percentages WILL apply.
** Financial aid percentages MAY apply.
Contact Nancy Isom, director of business and finance, ( for details.

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