The Paideia School


Ages 6-12 / Grades 1-6

Kids on firetruck

When visiting our elementary school you will hear terms like “multi-age class,” “central subject,” “fresh-air break,” “project-based learning” and “self-contained classroom.” Taken together, these elements help create a dynamic, inspiring, and welcoming learning community for students ages five to twelve and their teachers.

Most classrooms in the elementary school are multi-age, or the equivalent of two grades. Multi-age classes allow us to consider the academic, social, and maturational needs of a student when assigning him or her to a classroom as opposed to placement driven by birth date.

Sixth grade is a wonderful year for Paideia students. As the oldest children in the elementary school, sixth-graders are given space to push themselves both academically and socially within the intimate and nurturing community of a homebase classroom. We believe that keeping these children in elementary school helps foster confidence and self-awareness as they prepare for the rapid intellectual and emotional changes that accompany junior high school.

Student Spotlight

Ava Changnon '18

At graduation, several graduates read personal vignettes giving audiences slices of life as a Paideia student.