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The Paideia School
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Thank you for your interest in Paideia. We encourage you to find out more by attending our admissions meetings, by talking to students and parents involved at our school, by visiting, and by asking questions. Paideia is different from most other schools and cannot be accurately categorized by a single philosophy or approach. We hope you are interested and welcome your scrutiny.

Your first step is to create a profile in Ravenna, our admissions software provider. From there you can register for events such as tours, visiting days, and prospective parent meetings. Our online application will be available through Ravenna in early October. We look forward to getting to know you and your family and introducing you to Paideia.

Introducing Paideia

The meaning of the ancient Greek word Paideia (pie-DAY-uh) has changed throughout the centuries so that it has no literal translation. Rather, it reflects the conscious pursuit of a series of educational goals by a community. It conveys the concept of a child’s total education: intellectual, artistic, and social.

Among Paideia’s founding principles is the belief that schools can be informal and individualized, yet still educate well. We believe that a quality education acknowledges the innate curiosity of children and their desire to understand and master their environment. We understand that children have different interests and learning styles and may progress at different rates.

Our school is committed to having a racial, cultural, and socioeconomic cross-section of students. We consider applications for admission without regard to race, religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation; we welcome all applicants. Our admissions decisions give consideration to this commitment while also making every attempt to achieve a reasonably balanced age and gender distribution.

Starting the Admissions Process

We encourage parents to begin the admissions process by visiting Paideia. Our office hosts a variety of meetings, tours, and visiting programs, beginning in early October and continuing through late January. We recommend you first attend an evening prospective parent meeting. Parents of half-day and elementary children typically follow that with a comprehensive campus tour. Parents of older students are invited to bring their children to a visiting day, which features a campus tour as well as classroom visits and conversations with faculty and administrators. We hope you will make plans soon to come see us for yourself. Follow the links below to learn more about these programs.


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A note about testing

  • We require no standardized testing beyond what your child's current school administers in the course of the year. If your child does takes the SSAT and you want to share the scores, please send them to
  • We find it very helpful to receive all reports for applicants who have received psychoeducational testing. Please send these evaluations to