The Paideia School

Online Databases

ProQuest Research Library

A deep periodical database designed for college-prep studies, with full-text articles from over 4,000 national and international publications. Includes daily coverage from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Post, plus historic New York Times articles back to 1851.

SIRS Issues Researcher

In-depth coverage of over 300 key social issues, using articles and information compiled from a wide range of global full-text sources. Includes overviews and pro/con discussions.


An archive of full-text articles from scholarly journals, covering a wide variety of disciplines.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

The complete text of the encyclopedia with related Internet links, selected journal articles and media links.

CQ Researcher & Global Researcher

Complete summaries of important current issues, with insight into all sides of the issue, bibliographies and more. CQ Researcher covers issues (domestic and foriegn) of concern to U.S. policy; Global Researcher covers issues of broader international interest.

Oxford English Dictionary

The OED gives the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past.


Online software site for keeping and organizing research notecards, creating source lists and bibliographies for research projects. Students create individual login accounts for a personalized folder for research and resources, and for off-campus access.

Gale in Context: Elementary

Gale In Context: Elementary gives children a safe place to find answers to their questions, practice research skills, and explore interests inside and outside the classroom. It also gives teachers access to digital resources that can supplement and enhance instruction.

Milestone Documents in American History & Milestone Documents in World Religions

A collection of 130 primary documents that have shaped United State history, and 94 primary documents crucial to the development of world faiths. Each document entry includes the full-text and an image of the original, as well as analysis of the document's author, audience, meaning, and impact, plus links to relevant websites and a print bibliography.

Country Reports

A resource for reports and travel, especially accessible for elementary students, including information on customs and cultures, eating and recipes, sports, traditions, and more, for countries around the world.

World at War

Database covering global conflicts, from the Middle Ages to the Middle East.