The Paideia School


High school class

The high school provides a well-rounded college preparatory curriculum with extensive offerings in English, social sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, sciences, art, music and drama. Advanced placement classes are offered in biology, chemistry, physics, calculus AB and BC, and statistics. Students are able through their choices to create an individual schedule tailored to their needs and interests. Some courses are required and some are recommended, but there are many electives, increasing in number as the student progresses through school. The act of making one's own choices is important as it develops responsibility, increases commitment, and encourages exploration of new areas for learning. One of the strengths of Paideia is the enrichment that comes from such varied experiences.

While high standardized test scores are not the goal of the educational program at Paideia, our students do well on the tests, and, more importantly, in their college work.

The role of the faculty is to help students acquire the skills, information, and attitudes that will enable them to have productive and satisfying lives. Social and personal skills are cultivated, and student responsibility is emphasized. While academic achievements will vary because of differences in abilities and interests, all students are expected to work hard, complete tasks, and participate fully in the academic program. The faculty provides the guidance as each student seeks his or her own intellectual and personal maturity.

The academic year is divided into two semesters (Long Terms I and II) of approximately 15 weeks each and two short terms (A and B), each four weeks long. Seniors do not attend regular classes during Term B, but have a special senior term before graduation.