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Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us better. In our high school, the faculty stand out as the distinguishing feature. Their entrepreneurial spirit for curricular development, coupled with instructional expertise, drives a curated educational experience for each of our students.

We provide an academically rigorous and collaborative environment for students to take risks in learning: science, mathematics, the humanities, the arts, and a modern language. As faculty guide our students through that content, they also facilitate personal understanding and management of each student's own strengths and challenges as a learner, vital knowledge for success throughout high school and the stages that follow.

Paideia’s students embrace the high school’s culture of intellectual curiosity, trust, and diversity. Students learn best when they are known, trusted, and cared for by the adults in their lives. With that foundation, our students look forward to school each day. The depth of the relationships they form among peers and faculty sustain them well beyond their years at Paideia.

While high school is a fascinating time of academic growth, it is also a time to test one's strengths, tackle new skill sets, and pursue passions outside of the classroom. With nationally recognized music and art programs, competitive athletic teams, leadership organizations that impact campus decisions, clubs that compete at state and national levels, and groups for students to share an affinity, Paideia is full of options for students to find their place and voice.

Balancing the present with preparation for the next step, we value the journey of growing up. We enjoy seeing how our students engage with the world more meaningfully with each passing year.

If you are interested in learning more about us, we invite you to explore the rest of our website and join us for a conversation by scheduling a visit.



Stacey Winston

HS Principal

Tiffany Brunner

Assistant to High School Principal

Kristi Budd


Jonathan Burke

Learning Specialist

Miranda Knowles

HS Assistant Principal

Laura Magnanini

Assistant Head of School

David Robinson Dwyer

Dean of Students

Natalie Rogovin

Director of Service Learning

Jessica Smith

High School Counselor/Peer Leadership