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College Counseling

College counseling at Paideia is designed to be personal and individualized. We are serious about what we do and thoughtful in how we do it. Our approach is flexible, but driven to obtain successful results for every student. At its best, the process goes beyond helping Paideia students find a college that is a “good match”; it helps them grow and learn more about themselves. We start to work with students in their junior year. From beginning to end, the students are at the center of this process. They are expected to take responsibility for registering for appropriate tests, completing applications, and meeting deadlines. The college counseling staff is here to assist, encourage, challenge and support students as they set goals and make decisions.

There is no doubt that the process can be stressful at times and can have emotional highs and lows. We find that it works best when everyone - students, parents and counselors - communicates honestly, has an open mind, exercises patience, and maintains a good sense of humor. At Paideia, teachers and staff encourage students to be inquisitive and curious about the world and that is reflected in the diversity of colleges our students attend.

These pages are designed to offer a wealth of information about the process. The College Counseling Handbook is another detailed source of information and is available in the college counseling office.


The links below offer suggestions for productive things a student can be doing in preparation for applying to college depending on their age. Although we do not recommend that students be entwined in the college process as a ninth grader, there are some things students can do early in high school to set a strong foundation for their high school years. The links for grades 11 and 12 offer month-by-month calendars to give a sense of the process in real time. Please contact the College Counseling Office if you have questions.

College Choices

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John Stubbs

Director of College Counseling

Lenore Carroll

Associate Director of College Counseling

Ebonee Mahone-Todman

Associate Director of College Counseling

Ronnie McKnight

Associate Director of College Counseling