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Librarian for a Day

On a quiet Tuesday morning in September as students from India and Theresa’s class shuffled into the Elementary School Library, 5th-grade student Olivia Kavtaradze stood behind the library counter, happy to greet them. While Olivia is an avid reader and frequent visitor to the library, this day was special. Olivia was the librarian for the day.

Each year as part of the Pi Party’s silent auction, faculty and staff offer their expertise and talents, better known as “Paideia’s Own,” for community members to bid on. Whether it is math tutoring with Kim Mansion, volleyball techniques with Artan Agolli or a sing along with José Cordero, bidding on Paideia’s Own items is enjoyable and beneficial to individual families, as well as to the wider community. 

“We love that faculty can contribute in creative ways to support financial aid by participating in Paideia’s Own,” says Elementary librarian Jill Hansen. “Having a ‘Librarian for a Day’ as part of the auction showcases the work we do for all students.” As part of the “Librarian for a Day” experience, Olivia read to classes, checked books in and out using the special library barcode scanner, chose new books to add to the library’s collection and curated her own book display. 

Librarian for a Day

Developing strong readers is essential to the work of our Elementary school. A love of reading will not only serve students academically as they move on to junior high and high school, but it will instill a sense of curiosity that will inspire them throughout their lives. “Paideia students love reading,” says Elementary librarian Lauren Jonker. “Having a student spend a whole day in the library gives them a chance to fully immerse themselves in books and reading, as well as get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a librarian.”

For Olivia’s family, the “Librarian for a Day” experience offered an opportunity to encourage their daughter’s passion for reading. “We believe that books open up the minds of young people like nothing else can. The gift of reading is unique and widens one's horizon; it inspires and motivates a child in many different ways,” say Olivia’s parents, Laura and Dave Kavtaradze. 

In bidding on the experience, the family was not only thinking about the joy it would bring Olivia, but also the greater impact their donation would have on the Paideia community. “By participating in the auction, we know we are directly contributing to financial aid. There is a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to know that our contribution can make a difference in the life of a Paideia student,” says Laura.

Throughout the day, Olivia beamed with excitement. She took her job seriously and jumped into action anytime her peers needed assistance. “I really enjoyed reading to the younger kids. That was my favorite part!” says Olivia. “Being Librarian for a Day, continued to promote Olivia’s deep love of reading,” say her parents. “It opened her eyes to different genres, as well as librarian responsibilities, and of course, simply created memories.”

By participating in the Pi Party’s auction and supporting financial aid, countless students can make the most of their Paideia education and benefit from all of the resources on our campus, including our incredible libraries. Jill and Lauren will be auctioning off the “Librarian for a Day” experience again at this year’s Pi Party. Take this opportunity to make a special memory for your student while supporting equitable education for all Paideia students. Buy your tickets today.

Librarian for a Day