Independent Pre-K to 12 School in Atlanta

The Paideia School


Part Time K-8 Art Teacher

Paideia is a pre-K-12 college preparatory school of 985 students in the Emory University area of Atlanta; there are approximately 331 students in the elementary school and 188 in the junior high.  Homebase classes in the elementary and junior high combine two grade levels and are taught by two classroom teachers. Students have specialist teachers in art, music, physical education, and library in the elementary; in junior high, students leave the homebase for foreign language, math, music, art and science.  Paideia promotes development in art and music as part of a well-rounded education.  Students throughout the school take classes with one of six art teachers.  Teachers in the elementary often work with art teachers to coordinate lessons with class study themes.  Junior high and high school students take art on an elective basis. 

Elementary art teachers act as specialists for the home base classrooms. Throughout the elementary school, art is taught as self-expression and teachers emphasize the processes of art rather than the finished products.  While this position is primarily elementary, there will be one 8th grade junior high class as well.  For more information on the Visual Arts program at Paideia please see our website link at

We are looking for someone with a degree in fine arts or art education and at least 3 years of experience in the art classroom or working with students.   This position requires:

  • Flexibility to teach lower level art foundation classes to elementary through junior high students;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with the rest of the art department and the elementary home base teachers;
  • Imagination and skills to design interesting and developmentally appropriate projects;
  • Eagerness to participate in the life of the school community including a variety of art clubs, parent groups, and literary groups that support the arts at Paideia;

Important personal qualities include a love of the arts; interest in and demonstrated ability to teach and support children and adolescents; organizational skill and energy; ability to work effectively with a group of colleagues; self-direction and creativity in planning and implementing class activities; and experience with art curriculum development.