Independent Pre-K to 12 School in Atlanta

The Paideia School


High School / Junior High Chorus Teacher

Paideia is an independent pre K-12 college preparatory school in the Emory University area of Atlanta. The high school enrolls approximately 430 students, while the junior high has approximately 180. The junior high and high school curricula consist of extensive offerings in English, social sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, natural and physical sciences, art, and music.   In the Junior High students choose between band, orchestra and chorus.  In the High School chorus is one of many electives from which the students may choose. There are approximately 92 students in both the JH and HS Choruses and equal number of boys and girls.

The role of the faculty is to help students acquire the skills, information, and attitudes that will enable them to have productive and satisfying lives. We cultivate social and personal skills and emphasize student responsibility. While academic achievement varies the pool of talent is deep and most students are highly motivated. The personal and engaging culture of the school makes it an environment that is a good place to learn and a strong community. The relationships between students and teachers are strong.

The high school academic year is divided into two semesters (Long Terms I and II) of approximately 15 weeks each and two short terms (A and B), each four weeks long. During the long terms, students attend six hour-long classes covering the traditional disciplines plus electives. The short terms are designed to allow intensive study in a particular area of the curriculum.

There is a rich range of elective courses offered during the short term A (January) when the high school students have the opportunity to audition for and perform in the annual full-scale musical production. The junior high school has two long terms and one short term; it is during the short term at the end of the year when the junior high students have their own junior musical theater production.  

The primary role of this position is teaching junior high and high school chorus classes teaching in collaboration with the other full-time chorus lead teacher.  Further responsibilities include work on two musical theater productions per year, assistance with the elementary choruses, collaboration with other members of the music department in planning a biannual music trip and outside performances, and the preparation for and execution of multiple public concerts per year.  The chorus teachers also assist with graduation performances in May. Other responsibilities include a weekly faculty meeting, advising the student run musical and student run a cappella groups, and other duties as assigned.  

Requirements for this position are: strong performance and classroom skills, relevant conducting experience, ability to conduct rehearsals from the keyboard, and knowledge of choral repertoire. Candidates should have a minimum of 3-5 years in the classroom or related experience. A BA is required  and a master’s in music is preferred. Important personal qualities include a love of learning, interest in and demonstrated ability to teach and support adolescents, an engaging teaching style, flexibility, organizational skills, energy, collegiality, and the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, especially the other members of the elementary, junior high, and high school music departments.