The Paideia School

Meet Paideia’s Head of School

Tom Taylor, Head of School

Thomas E. Taylor, B.A., Oberlin College, M.A., Columbia University, University of Minnesota Ph.D.


We’re thrilled that you are exploring our website. While these pages are certainly a wealth of information about our school, I do hope you’ll come to campus in person as you’re able to fully experience and appreciate the warm, inclusive, and student-centered learning environment that we create here at Paideia.

The word Paideia (pie-DAY-uh) comes from ancient Greek and refers to a community coming together to raise and educate its children. I honestly can’t imagine a better name for a school than this. Each day, we come together on our beautiful, urban campus with the aim of fostering the growth and development of the children under our care. 

While here, our students learn to love learning, they value their hard work in pursuit of excellence, and they foster within themselves and others a deep and abiding appreciation for the work of building a just and equitable society. Our graduates go on to become teachers, scientists, senators, and activists. They leave our school with the skills to be lifelong learners, a deep respect for diversity, an understanding of ethics, and a commitment to social responsibility; all outcomes explicitly named in our powerful Framework of Values. It was our framework of values that drew me to Paideia originally and it’s been the pervasive care, joy, and humor that make me feel at home.

Ours is a strong community, one that does serious work without taking ourselves too seriously. We hope you’ll come to discover more in person.