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Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Action at Paideia

Our Goals: Paideia’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (ODEIB) seeks to create a community of belonging for all Paideia students, faculty, staff and families through dialogue, understanding, resources and events.

Why is DEIB Work Important at Paideia?

Paideia’s Framework of Values includes the principle of egalitarianism and emphasizes that our community should use every opportunity to stress equality among races and ethnic groups and between the sexes. 

We believe that education is at its best when all community members are accepted for their whole selves. We work to create opportunities for everyone to express themselves fully and safely while surrounded by people who love, care for and challenge them.

From the beginning, Paideia was intentional about its commitment to racial diversity. We continue to believe that our community is stronger when we represent and celebrate the races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, family structures, and physical appearances that highlight the beauty of our individuality.

Paideia doesn't always get it right, and we acknowledge our mistakes along the way. This journey depends on our entire community, committing to listening to understand, learning from our mistakes and the feedback we receive, as well as enacting real change.

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Intentional Curriculum 

Paideia’s curriculum responds to the changing world to enable self-awareness, develop empathy and empower students to value community.

DEIB in Action

Work that is real and lived. 

In the Classroom: Creating understanding and belonging in the classroom and beyond. 

  • Elementary central subject content representing many voices and experiences and aligning curriculum with the Racial Literacy Framework
  • Junior High study of race, class and gender, affinity groups that discuss belonging 
  • High School classes that incorporate books centering identity with antiracist themes, full days dedicated to discussions on race and gender

Libraries: Our libraries' resources are available to students, teachers and parents featuring antiracist books and diverse voices that expand our understanding of the human experience and nurture the growth of compassion and an ethical self.

Teacher Training: Helping teachers embrace and innovate DEI curriculum

  • DEIB professional development individually and in collaboration with colleagues.
  • Tools to identify themes related to DEIB
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Working Together

Paideia’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (ODEIB) supports students, faculty, staff and parents to ensure we meet the needs and desires of our community.

  • Coordinate efforts and dialogue with student and parent groups 
  • Space and resources to support student and parent affinity groups
  • Emotional support for students struggling with feelings of belonging
  • Dialogue generation to move forward in community
Faculty & Staff
  • Design and facilitate classroom and administrative discussions 
  • Offer professional growth opportunities 
  • Coordination with counselors 
  • Share best practices in curriculum and resources 
  • Assist with teaching and coordinating activities around identity
  • Support representation through affinity groups
  • Host events that inspire education and reflection
  • Offer solutions to questions around belonging
  • Manage communication around issues of diversity


DEIB Event Highlights

Paideia hosts a number of events throughout the year to inspire and incorporate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into our school culture.

Day of Dialogue: About Race


Day of the Dead


Artist in Residence


Paideia Urban Ag's Food Equity Program


Black Parents Organization Celebration


High School Short Term Classes focused on Identity

Winter & Spring

Day of Dialogue: About Gender


Historically Black Colleges and Universities Celebration
Speakers and Author Talks
AltBreak Trips


Our Affinity Groups

Paideia’s Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging and Paideia’s Office of Parent Involvement work together with our parent affinity groups to create programming that elevates, educates and inspires our entire community to be thoughtful and attentive. Our goal is to provide resources and programming to cultivate awareness, share experiences and live more inclusively. 

Our parent affinity groups do a lot of work to bring diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to life. Please visit the Parent Involvement page to learn more and get involved.


Meet the office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging leadership team

Oman Frame

Director of DEIB

Aklima Ali

Science, Assistant Dean of Students

Anthony Contreras

French, Spanish

Christopher Cruz

Social Studies, English

Elisa Herrera


Ebonee Mahone-Todman

Associate Director of College Counseling

Natalie Rogovin

Director of Service Learning