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Why Teach at  Paideia?

The strong sense of community  is what brings so many people to Paideia--teachers and families.  Teachers genuinely care about their students, their families, and each other.  Because teachers are valued and supported, they are able to do their very best work. Teachers are given respect and autonomy in the classroom allowing them to craft courses that are meaningful to teachers and students alike. It is a community that thrives on learning and encourages its teachers and students to value education as a lifelong pursuit.

Teacher reading with kids on lap

“Every day I get to refine my understanding of the academic subjects I love the most...I enjoy spending time with young people.  But what keeps me teaching is that...a significant part of being a teacher is just being myself, in the best way I know how.  And a large part of what makes Paideia great are the faculty who inspire students with a myriad of ways to be, pursuits to follow, and things to care about, just by being themselves.”

- Dave Fergemann, STEAM Coordinator


Application Process

We hope you will explore our website to learn more about our community. After reviewing the employment opportunities and job postings, we invite you to apply through our website, which will allow us to review your materials, talents, and qualifications. You can also include supporting documents to help us get to know you better.
After reviewing each candidate’s materials, we will decide if we would like to have a phone interview. After a series of these, we will then select candidates to interview on campus, which depending on the position includes speaking with administrators and faculty members, as well as observing classes for faculty positions. Visiting campus is an important part of our interview process and will give you a sense of what it means to work and teach at Paideia. 
Thank you for your interest in The Paideia School. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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