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Addressing Misinformation About Semi-final Soccer Match

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Dear Community,

There are some inaccuracies circulating on the internet and social media about the semi-final soccer match last week, including misinformation that Paideia suspended the student who received the red card. We are writing to our community to clarify the details of the match and dispel any rumors that may be circulating. Paideia supports our students and athletes around this event and all efforts to fight racism. 

Below are the details of what occurred during the semi-final match:

  • Paideia athletes were subjected to racist taunts from the opposing team during the semi-final soccer match. 
  • Paideia athletes went to the referees multiple times to let them know this was happening, and the refs took no action.
  • After scoring a goal, one of our athletes ran down the field and gestured to the other team. 
  • The referee issued the Paideia player a red card, which meant he was ineligible by Georgia High School Association (GHSA) rules to play in the final game.
  • Our athletic director issued a complaint about the behavior of the opposing team and submitted an unsatisfactory official report to GHSA to try to get the red card decision reversed.
  • GHSA would not reverse the decision, which meant that our athlete could not play in the State Championship on Tuesday.

Paideia has worked non-stop to advocate for our athletes of color following the events of Friday night, and we have been working with the students and parents who were more directly impacted to ensure that they are supported as they and all of us continue to process this experience. 

We have been in touch with the media to request corrections. 

Paul Bianchi
Head of School